Fit for Life: The Science of Exercise

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Fit for Life: The Science of Exercise

by Chris Cutter

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Have you started an exercise routine with excitement only to give up 5 days later?

Does it feel like the world around you is designed to keep you from getting fit?

Do you ever wonder about those people who get out to exercise 30+ minutes every day?

If yes, then this class is designed for you.

Hundreds of people young and old have learned the Science of Exercise from LifeDojo; it's time foryou to find out what all the fuss is about.

Based directly on up-to-the-minute behavior science research from leading thinkers at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, UPENN and others, every minute of Fit for Life is designed to inspire, motivate, andresult in changing your behavior!  

Imagine it.  Every day you find the time to exercise.  You are motivated; even excited to get your workout gear on and get out the door.  You sleep soundly, feel happier, focus better and think clearer.  No more guilt; no more failed new years resolutions.  You have cracked the code; you are fit for life.


In this course, you will learn:

1.  The incredible benefits of exercise; hint: you will be shocked at how important it is!

2.  The history of exercise.  How humans used to exercise 2+ hours a day, and why today's modern life makes it so difficult to get fit.

3.  The six essential steps you need to take to succeed in living a permanent  enjoyable exercise lifestyle.  No more fads, gimmicks, or trends.  Just proven methods that work.


Now comes the best part:  Our entire class is offered in a fun, whiteboard-style story, that will have you laughing, learning, and connecting more than any other class you've taken!

So don't put-off your future one more day.  For the cost of one personal training session, one new gym gadget you see on TV, or one month at your local gym, you can learn everything you need to know to succeed.  Join the class today!


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